Posted by Bosch on February 12, 2015

Back supporting the musicians and music of Mali!!

Musicians Bassekou Kouyaté and wife Amy Sacko on roof in Bamako, Mali

I'm in Mali with the "Timbuktu Renaissance" organization to assist in the creation of their short film as well as catch up with Ben Zabo, MC Jazz, and Sidibe "Boss", three of the subjects in our long documentary "Malian Pieces".

Travelled up the river to Mopti for the "Caravane Culturelle pour le Paix" music festival featuring Ben Zabo, Tartit, Khaira Arby, Ali Farka Toure Band, et al.

Director/Producer John Bosch shooting on River Niger outside of Mopti, Mali

Chris Eckman, head of Glitterbeat Recods, with kids in Bamako, Mali

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